St George Athletes Shine at Nowra XC 2019


A team of 24 athletes travelled down to Nowra on Saturday 22 June 2019  to take on the hills and the state’s best at the 2019 Athletics NSW State Cross Country Championships.

We had our most successful campaign in recent history, bringing home a phenomenal 6 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 4 BRONZE. More importantly however, every single athlete in the Red & White left everything out on the course and did themselves, their families and their club extremely proud.

Lauren Carey- 1st- U18 Girls 4km – 14m 06s
Paul Arthur- 1st- 50-54 Men’s 8km – 31m 18s
Jose Carvalho- 1st- 60-64 Men’s 8km – 31m 27s
Rod Arnold- 1st- 70-74 Men’s 6km – 26m 55s
50+ Men’s Team- 1st- Paul Arthur, David Sullivan, John Peter, David Kistle
70+ Men’s Team- 1st- Rod Arnold, Frank Scorzelli, Peter Fitzpatrick,┬áRay Millett

Alia Karaman- 2nd- 35-39 Women’s 10km – 44m 43s
Frank Scorzelli- 2nd- 70-74 Men’s 6km – 26m 59s
Ray Millett- 2nd- 75-59 Men’s 6km – 38m 38s

Dane Mitchell- 3rd- U14 Boys 3km – 10m 01s
Indie Seccombe- 3rd- U18 Girls 4km – 14m 45s
Kai Hammond- 3rd- U18 Boys 6km – 19m 53s
David Sullivan- 3rd-50-54 Men’s 8km – 33m 48s

Other Notable Results:
Keira Bauer- 8th- U14 Girls 3km – 11m 05s
Riley Fong- 20th- U14 Boys 3km – 11m 05s
Eloise Carey- 7th- U16 Girls 4km – 16m 10s
Josh Hewitt- 11th- U16 Boys 4km – 13m 50s

Finn Macmillan- 14th- U18 Boys 6km – 20m 32s
Imogen Gribble- 8th- U20 Girls 6km – 26m 29s
Chloe Gentle- 11th- U20 Girls 6km – 28m 40s
Jordan Awad- 18th- U20 Boys 8km – 31m 39s
John Peter- 5th- 50-54 Men’s 8km – 34m 35s
David Kistle- 10th- 50-54 Men’s 8km – 38m 59s
Darren Bauer- 12th- 50-54 Men’s 8km – 43m 56s
Peter Fitzpatrick- 7th- 70-74 Men’s 6km – 37m 07s
Julie Carey- 4km Fun Run – 30m 22s

An incredible effort by all- Thank you for all being such great ambassadors for the St. George club.

Nathan Breen, Club Distance Co-Captain and Greg Breen Distance Secretary

(And thanks to Dave Carey for bringing a tent to make a Saints HQ, Nathan Breen for some great race calling and announcing, Greg Breen for supporting us all, and to the runners and family members who cheered people on course or at the finish line. Special mention to Paul Arthur for his humorous takeover of the teams medal presentation, although with comedy like that he deserves a bigger crowd.)

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