Volunteers for Sydney Half Marathon

The Sydney Morning Half Marathon is to be held on Sunday 19th May 2019. We are asking for volunteers to assist and in turn St George receives a welcome donation. The wheelchair race starts at 6.15 am and volunteers would be required to be in the city early. However, it is a good opportunity to view the race and also help St George earn some extra finances.

Our club uses the funds to enter teams in relay events (Distance and Track and Field) and also to help athletes compete in Australian and overseas events.

If you can offer your free time for a couple of hours please notify David Kistle by email on secretary@sgdac.org or phone 0438 246 363

2 thoughts on “Volunteers for Sydney Half Marathon”

  1. I am waiting on final details on arrival time for SMH HM.
    The 615am wheelchair race is a 2.5km sprint which won’t affect our duty time, hopefully we get a look.
    We need 10 people each for the Purple Relay start (6:45am) and Course Marshall fillers.
    Please let me know as soon as possible whether you can help out.
    Feel free to ask me any questions about how it all works (or to give people some friendly encouragement :))

  2. We have 5 people so far, we will probably keep to the Purple Relay start, which should be finished by about 7:30am.
    Please contact me asap if you can help out.

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