St George Classic

The St George Classic encompasses a range of events from 2 km to 10 km distances. The event is held on the beautiful trails of Scarborough Park, Ramsgate. Furthermore, throughout the day there will be captivating race callers, food and beverage stalls and entertaining music.  

The 2019 St George Classic incorporates the 2019 NSW Cross Country Novice Championship as part of the event.

DATE –Saturday 13th April, 2019

VENUE –Scarborough Park – Hawthorne Street, Ramsgate (near the Hawthorne Reserve Tennis Courts)


  • 12.20pm 2km
  • 12:35pm 3km
  • 1:00pm 4km
  • 1:30pm 7km Women’s Novice Championships
  • 1:40pm 7km All Comers
  • 2:20pm 10km Men’s Novice Championships
  • 2:30pm 10km All Comers

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