Watching Oceania Athletics Championships 25-28 June 2019

Andrew Goschnik is scheduled to compete in the U18M 400m Hurdles Final on Thursday at 3:25pm

Billy Humberstone is scheduled to compete in the U20M 110m Hurdles Final on Friday at 3:40pm

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Thankyou Kingsgrove RSL for a generous donation to these young men.

Federal Funds help St George Athletic Club

In collaboration with St George Little Athletics Centre our club has received funding from the Federal Government. David Coleman, member for Banks, was instrumental in providing for both our clubs.

We have purchased a defibrillator (AED) which is in our hands, timing mats which we expect to receive this week and a new marquee. The marquee will make our club very prominent at the events we attend. Our thanks to David Coleman and Geoff Lindner (St George Little Athletics) who coordinated with the government department for making it happen.

St George Athletes Shine at Nowra XC 2019


A team of 24 athletes travelled down to Nowra on Saturday 22 June 2019  to take on the hills and the state’s best at the 2019 Athletics NSW State Cross Country Championships.

We had our most successful campaign in recent history, bringing home a phenomenal 6 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 4 BRONZE. More importantly however, every single athlete in the Red & White left everything out on the course and did themselves, their families and their club extremely proud.

Lauren Carey- 1st- U18 Girls 4km
Paul Arthur- 1st- 50-54 Men’s 8km
Jose Carvalho- 1st- 60-64 Men’s 8km
Rod Arnold- 1st- 70-74 Men’s 6km
50+ Men’s Team- 1st- Paul Arthur, David Sullivan, John Peter, David Kistle
70+ Men’s Team- 1st- Rod Arnold, Frank Scorzelli, Peter Fitzpatrick, Ray Millett

Alia Karaman- 2nd- 35-39 Women’s 10km
Frank Scorzelli- 2nd- 70-74 Men’s 6km
Ray Millett- 2nd- 75-59 Men’s 6km

Dane Mitchell- 3rd- U14 Boys 3km
Indie Seccombe- 3rd- U18 Girls 4km
Kai Hammond- 3rd- U18 Boys 6km
David Sullivan- 3rd-50-54 Men’s 8km

Other Notable Results:
Keira Bauer- 8th- U14 Girls 3km
Riley Fong- 20th- U14 Boys 3km
Eloise Carey- 7th- U16 Girls 4km
Josh Hewitt- 11th- U16 Boys 4km

Finn Macmillan- 14th- U18 Boys 6km
Imogen Gribble- 8th- U20 Girls 6km
Chloe Gentle- 11th- U20 Girls 6km
Jordan Awad- 18th- U20 Boys 8km
John Peter- 5th- 50-54 Men’s 8km
David Kistle- 10th- 50-54 Men’s 8km
Darren Bauer- 12th- 50-54 Men’s 8km
Peter Fitzpatrick- 7th- 70-74 Men’s 6km
Julie Carey- 4km Fun Run

An incredible effort by all- Thank you for all being such great ambassadors for the St. George club.

Nathan Breen, Club Distance Co-Captain and Greg Breen Distance Secretary

(And thanks to Dave Carey for bringing a tent to make a Saints HQ, Nathan Breen for some great race calling and announcing, Greg Breen for supporting us all, and to the runners and family members who cheered people on course or at the finish line. Special mention to Paul Arthur for his humorous takeover of the teams medal presentation, although with comedy like that he deserves a bigger crowd.)

International Representatives 2019/2020

Following on from the wonderful success of Jasmin (Javelin Gold in Melanesia) and Lauren (16th in U20 World XC), we have some more International representatives in the wings.
Over 25-28 June, Andrew Goschnik (U18 400m Hurdles) and Billy Humberstone (U20 110m Hurdles) will be competing for Australia in the Oceania Area Championships in Townsville. Both are coached by Michelle Douglas. We send our best wishes to them for this fantastic opportunity.

Nicole Harris was a finalist in the 2016 Rio Paralympics where she set an Oceania record in F20 shotput. She will be representing again in the 2019 Global Games in Brisbane this October. We send positive thoughts (esp as the mantra in shot put is keep your thumb down…)

At a National level, Tess Healey has been selected in the NSW Half Marathon team to contest the Australian championships in August, as has her husband Seth, two years in a row for both of them!

Congratulations to all our athletes and their coaches and families.

Club Championships Results

OPEN Male 8km

1st Nathan Breen 29m 37s
2nd Jordan Awad 30m 23s
3rd Joel Wooldridge 30m 28s

Open Female 5km

1st Ada Rand 20m 28s 
2nd Keira Bauer 20m 53s
3rd Jennifer Castorina 21m 21s

Over 50 Male 8km

1st David Sullivan 33m 37s
2nd John Peter 34m 40s
3rd David Kistle 39m 24s

Over 60 Male 8km

1st Jose Carvalho 36m 11s
2nd David Beck 45m 13s
3rd Colin Wilson 47m 06s

Over 70 Male 8km

1st Frank Scorzelli 36m 27s
2nd Rod Arnold 37m 54s
3rd Peter Fitzpatrick 51m 23s

Under 20 Male 5km

1st Joel Wooldridge 17m 55s
2nd Jordan Awad 18m 24s

Under 20 Female 5km

1st Nicole Harrington 28m 18s

Under 18 Male 3km

1st Finn MacMillan 12m 32s

Under 18 Female 3km

1st Emma Blanch 13m 09s

Under 16 Female 3km

1st Sia Pizzardi 12m 48s

Under 14 Male 3km

1st Bailey Latanis 11m 53s

Under 14 Female 3km

1st Emily Hoff 17m 38s

Under 12 Male 2km

1st Riley Fong 7m 28s
2nd Hugo Molachino 10m 39s
3rd Nielsen Edwards 10m 45s

Under 12 Female 2km

1st Sienna Latanis 8m 33s
2nd Nadia Debbo 8m 53s
3rd Lily Molachino 9m 07s