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2022 Winter Cross Country

The 2022 Winter Cross Country season is nearly on us, it starts 19th March.

Winter Cross Country will be starting soon for St George Athletic Club at our home ground, Scarborough Park (Ramsgate). The first day of competition is Saturday 19th March 2022 and the first race is at 1.30pm.

The programme is:-

  • 1.30pm Division 4 – 1.5km
  • 2pm Division 3 – 2km
  • 2.30pm Division 2 – 3km
  • 2.30pm Division 1 – 6km

Please note that runners need to be registered with ANSW for insurance purposes. Also, unregistered runners will not be eligible for scoring points in our regular cycle and season competitions.

check here for the 2022 program