Life Membership Nomination- Dave Kistle- Vote on 11 May 2019 2:45pm at Scarborough

Dear Members

I hereby give notice that on Saturday 11 May 2018 the Committee will be nominating

Dave Kistle for Life Membership of our club.

The qualification for Life Membership is outstanding and continuous service to our club for a minimum period of 5 years for positions such as General Secretary otherwise 15 years

(section 7 of our Club Constitution).

We will hold a general meeting, to vote on this at

Syd Frost Hall, Hawthorne St, Ramsgate on Saturday 11 May 2019 after the last race not before 2:45pm.

The nominated member will have served the club as General Secretary for 5 years by the AGM and as a Committee Member for 6 years. He has performed tasks such as organising meetings, preparing minutes, correspondence with Athletics NSW, communication with all levels of government, fundraising through sourcing grants and organising volunteering, coordinating and contributing to the Annual Report, attending to team and member enquiries, researching records, Summer Cross Country administration, First Aid availability, volunteering as an ANSW Technical Official, preparing this notice, advocating for the Albie Thomas Athletics Centre, administration and policy work, publicity.

Notice Period (s.25)

We have to give notice of any general meeting by posting this on our website or by prepaid post. We will save costs by posting this information on Facebook (which appears on our website), our website, and supplement this by emailing all members and posting this notice at Syd Frost Hall, Hawthorne St, Ramsgate on Saturday 20 April 2019.

Can I make a proxy vote? (s31)

Yes, if you inform the Secretary by 24hrs before the meeting who will be voting on your behalf and if you use the correct form (Club Constitution- Appendix 2). This form was previously on our old website. We will endeavour to make proxy forms available on request.

Members can hold no more than 5 proxy votes for others.

How many votes are required? (ss 26(2), 7)

The motion for the Award will be passed if there are at least 9 financial members present and at least a three-quarters majority of those present and voting vote in favour.

If successful the nominee will receive the award at the AGM on Sat 8 June 2019 at the same venue.

Dave Kistle, General Secretary SGDAC

St George Classic

The St George Classic encompasses a range of events from 2 km to 10 km distances. The event is held on the beautiful trails of Scarborough Park, Ramsgate. Furthermore, throughout the day there will be captivating race callers, food and beverage stalls and entertaining music.  

The 2019 St George Classic incorporates the 2019 NSW Cross Country Novice Championship as part of the event.

DATE –Saturday 13th April, 2019

VENUE –Scarborough Park – Hawthorne Street, Ramsgate (near the Hawthorne Reserve Tennis Courts)


  • 12.20pm 2km
  • 12:35pm 3km
  • 1:00pm 4km
  • 1:30pm 7km Women’s Novice Championships
  • 1:40pm 7km All Comers
  • 2:20pm 10km Men’s Novice Championships
  • 2:30pm 10km All Comers

Cross Country on 23rd March 2019

We will have limited facilities this Saturday at Scarborough Park. Unfortunately, we will not have the use of Syd Frost Hall which means no access to hall toilets and the kitchen. Toilets are available within Scarborough Park and not far from Syd Frost Hall.

It is only a small setback so don’t let that spoil your run. Refer to the Events page for details of the meet. The weather forecast is for a fine day and just right to start the season’s cross country.

Summer Cross Country – Final Points

The 2019/19 Summer Cross Country season recently concluded and it was both enjoyable and challenging. No races were cancelled and most days we avoided the heat. Scarborough Park is an excellent location for both the serious and recreational runner. We will be back on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 for another season.

Award Winners

Division 1

  • 1st David Kistle 182 pts
  • 2nd David Sullivan 161 pts
  • 2nd Ray Millett 161 pts
  • .
  • Jordan Awad Fastest Male
  • Theresa Healey Fastest Female

Division 2

  • 1st Joseph Molachino 250 pts
  • 2nd David Sullivan 220 pts
  • 3rd Darren Bauer 206 pts
  • .
  • Jordan Awad Fastest Male
  • Theresa Healey Fastest Female

ANSW Junior Championship

Our St George athletes collected many medals from the recent championship held at SOPAC from 22-24th February 2019. Congratulations to all our competing athletes. We won 4 Gold – 13 Silver – 10 Bronze


Andrew Goschnik U18 – 400m Hurdles – and broke the St George Record

Dane Mitchell U14 – 3000m

Georgia Portelli U17 – Javelin

Ada Rand U15 – 800m


William Humberstone U20 – 110m Hurdles – and broke the St George Record

Emma Blanch U17 – 5000m walk – and broke the St George Record

Aiden Gambrell U16 – 100m Hurdles and 200m Hurdles

Joshua Hewitt U15 – 3000m

Keira Bauer U14 – 3000m

Lauren Carey U17 – 3000m

Lili McPherson U15 – Javelin

Alia Levi U15 – Shot Put

Emily Markoski U18 – Javelin

Joy Levy U15- Discus

Aureila Banach U16 – Discus

Dane Mitchell U14 – 800m


Jack Weinstein U18 – 110m Hurdles

Sophia Cibei U18 – 100m Hurdles

Andrea Marshall U17 – 100m Hurdles

Rowan Tan U16 – 400m and Triple Jump

Finn McMillian U17 – 3000m

Tali Baltineshter U14 – Javelin

Joshua Hewitt U15 – 1500m

Olivia Hayes U18 – Javelin

Eloise Carey – U15 – 2000m Steeplechase

Lauren Carey’s Big Effort

Lauren Carey came fifth in the recent trials for selection to represent Australia at the 2019 IAAF World Cross Country Championships. Lauren tells us that she was in second place in the final sprint home but unfortunately could not maintain her position. However, her effort was sufficient to gain a place on the team. Well done.

These championships will take place in Denmark at the end of March. This will be Lauren’s debut in the green & gold and we are so incredibly proud!! ??